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African Traditional home and wear are suppliers of South African traditional clothing, Ibheshu, Umblaselo, Imbadada, Ingwe shirts/vests, South African traditional beadwork, African bead necklace, African earrings, traditional African artefact , Zulu shields( Ihawu),Spears (Assegai), Knobkerrie, Ishoba, Isigubhu and much more traditionally used by the people of African culture - Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Bapedi, Tswana, Basotho, Venda, Tsonga, Shangaan, Swazi, and Pedi.

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South African traditional Ladies | Girls collection featuring beautiful South African bead jewellery, African beaded necklace, traditional African Earrings, Zulu hats, Xhosa hats, Zulu attire, Xhosa attire, Zulu beadwork, bead belts, bead headbands, Alice bands, beaded skirts, Mbata, leg shakers custom-designed and inspired by the people of South Africa. Worn to traditional South African weddings, Royal Reed dance, or Lobola negotiations.

South African Men | Boy's collection featuring traditional African clothingUmblaseloImbadadaIbheshuMqhele, African Traditional weapons, spears (Assegai), IshobaKnobkerrieZulu shields (Ihawu),  inspired by the people of South Africa. Worn to traditional African weddings, Lobola negotiations, and ceremonies or events.